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Proactively encouraging visitors into your town and shopping centres to enjoy the retail and leisure offering is a constant challenge, especially when it comes to parking. Parking is an emotional thing and it never comes free. It is however a vital part of maintaining the local economy and the financial wellbeing of the high street or your shopping centre.

Many retailers often believe that the answer is to offer customers free parking. Local authorities or owners on the other hand, believe that free parking leads to a free for all and with the number of limited number of spaces available, that is difficult to control and easy to abuse. They also have to fund the cost of providing and managing parking facilities.

WeValidate is the answer to this constant struggle. WeValidate is a validation platform where participating commercial organisations can easily validate and pay for customers’ parking tickets.

How WeValidate differentiates its service

  • Suitable for all business models – WeValidate suits the needs of a wide variety of companies in enabling bespoke customer parking discounts/validations.
  • Multi-car park flexibility – WeValidate can be used for one or more parking facility – essential in larger town or city centres. 
  • Detailed insights – the management back-end provides both users and car park operators with accurate and detailed real-time insights into use of the application. 
  • Seamless user experience – with the push of a button, retailers and leisure providers can grant simple, fast and accurate discounts to car park users. 
  • On-the-go flexibility – the app can be used anytime and anywhere, with the only requirement being a WiFi internet connection.
  • Low operating costs – the WeValidate module can make use of the existing network, infrastructure and equipment.
  • Direct processing – validations and discounts are processed directly online, providing a real-time solution.
  • Pre-payment – on line pre-payment removes any need for account administration

WeValidate is a unique solution to help revitalize the high street

The WeValidate platform is exclusively developed and offered by WPS. If you want to learn more about WeValidate and how it can help to revitalize your town centre, please contact WPS UK by phone on 084 50 94 15 43 or .

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